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Arc’teryx Argus Jacket - Stay warm with this cold weather running jacket.
There’s something deeply satisfying about being able to do the outdoor activities you pursue in pretty much any weather, anywhere in the world. It’s what the marketing departments want you to believe. The truth is that it’s true. There’s something utterly amazing about being able to swim across a lake in total comfort and safety with a triathlon wetsuit and a buoy towed behind you. Or ski traverse part of the Coast Range without so much as a blister or chill. All this clothing and equipment provide a level of comfort that encourages you to focus on performance. Failing that, you’ll at least look good flailing.

Arc’teryx Argus Jacket

The Arc’teryx Argus jacket brings the any-conditions ethos to cold weather running. It’s an insulated piece, the only one in the company’s Endoriphin running lines (along with its Gaea sister piece). The early morning constellations are wonderful running companions, but not if cold air is finding its way onto your torso. Midwinter days, with the light low to the ground are some of the best for long runs---provided that you’re not anxious about auguring core temperatures in case you slow down or have to stop. Wind, whether driven by polar vortices or cold fronts, should never stop you from getting out of the house and banishing the darkest of your thoughts by way of a solid interval session. I used the Argus all last winter and I have fond memories of keeping warm and scarcely missing a training day.
Arcteryx Argus Jacket Media Port

Arc’teryx Argus Jacket Media Port

Arcteryx Argus Jacket Thumb Loops

Arc’teryx Argus Jacket Thumb Loops

Arc’terx employs Polartec’s hydrophobic Alpha synthetic insulation in the front and shoulders of the jacket. The insulation obviously provides warmth, and thanks to its unique knit construction, also allows Arc’teryx to use a highly air-permeable face fabric. The result is that the front of the jacket can shed wind and light precipitation while still providing exceptional breathability. On the back, a stretchy knit fabric provides warmth and allows excess heat and perspiration to easily escape. The combination provides an outstanding level of weather protection without the overheating often associated with similarly warm running jackets.

Arc’teryx Argus Jacket Rear Pockets

The trademark Arcteryx attention to detail is evident throughout. I take the view that if someone else cared about details, design, and materials, I should take equal care to whatever I’m pursuing. I found the highly articulated nature of the jacket ideal for fast movement and I never once felt constrained during fast workouts. The rear pockets served me well, as I put away gloves once my hands warmed up. You can also put a small insulated bottle in one of them should you feel a warm drink is in order.

Winter is coming. And this an extremely well conceived and executed insulated running jacket that can stand between you and your demons, whatever forms they take.
You can check out the Argus Jacket at Arc'teryx's website or in person at one of their numerous boutique stores including the new Arc'teryx shop in downtown Toronto.
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