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The Boreal Satori - An exceptional new shoe for steep routes and difficult bouldering.
As Boreal’s new top-end climbing shoe, the Satori showcases a number of innovative performance features.
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The first thing most climbers will notice is the new asymmetric downturned last that offers a roomy toe box and snug fitting heel. This last is supercharged with a new tensioned rand system that provides excellent power and control without compromising comfort.

In the forefoot, Boreal uses a thin flexible midsole for support on small edges while still providing enough flex for pulling and grabbing on steeper terrain. On the top of the forefoot, Boreal applies a large patch of sticky rubber that delivers exceptional toe hooking. This rubber patch also creates some lateral tension, which helps compress the forefoot and prevents any redpoint-ruining foot-roll when standing on small edges. On the back on the shoe, a sticky rubber heel cup with a pronounced hooking rib aids with any difficult heel hooking moves.

This year, Boreal has updated its incredibly sticky Zenith rubber. It’s now a bit firmer for better edging while still maintaining its grip on tenuous smears.

Finally, a unique macramé-like lace system with a single-tab Velcro closure evenly tensions the entire upper. The result is traditional lace-up shoe security and control with the convenience and simplicity of a single-pull closure.

On the rock/plastic, the Satori performed flawlessly on steep terrain and easily transitioned to more vertical ground. It delivered a shocking combination of sensitivity and control and should be a top choice for any climber wanting a soft yet precise performance-oriented slipper. Highly recommended.

You can check out the Satori and other Boreal shoes at www.e-boreal.com.
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Gus Alexandropoulos is a freelance writer who has been involved in the outdoor industry for over 25 years. During his career he has been the editor at Canada’s national climbing magazine, as well as the gear editor for a national cycling magazine, triathlon magazine and running magazine. His work has been published in Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, and he has been a guest on television and radio broadcasts. His passion for climbing began in Ontario in the mid 80s and he continues to travel extensively in search of crisp conditions and steep rock.