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The Innate Craft Growler - A great way to store and transport that post-climbing micro-brew.
Now, I’m not going to suggest that you should be drinking while climbing, but there’s no denying the unique satisfaction that comes from enjoying a celebratory post-redpoint-pint at the end of a successful climbing day.
Innate Craft Growlers

Innate Craft Growlers in 1.9L (64fl oz) and 1L (32fl oz) sizes

Unfortunately, lugging heavy bottles or fast-chilling (and equally fast-warming) cans to the cragging campsite is not always viable. Alternatively, picking up beers at the local store will often leave you choosing from a limited selection of cheap-swill; celebrating the send of your mega-proj with Milwaukee’s Beast just seems so wrong. Thankfully, the crafty designers at Innate have come up with a new growler that allows you to bring your favourite craft beer for those post-climbing festivities.

Yes, I can hear the jaded, waxed-moustached climbing-hipsters already groaning, “Not another growler.” Slow down there you skinny-jeaned leather-apron-wearing cynics. This is not just another cheap stainless steel growler – Innate has done its homework.
Innate Craft Growlers Lid Detail

Innate Craft Growlers in 1.9L (64fl oz) and 1L (32fl oz) sizes

First, this growler uses double-walled insulating construction, ensuring that your expensive limited edition IPA remains properly chilled for full enjoyment. Second, check out that lid. Not only is it lined with a stainless steel insert to eliminate flavour transfer, but it’s also insulated helping maintain the beer’s optimal temperature. Third, let’s look at that comfortable carrying handle with its built-in lid-stop. This simple and ingenious feature prevents the lid from flopping over when pouring your favourite brew.

Finally, there’s something right about the look of these growlers. Both sizes have a serious purpose-built shape that seems appropriate for the important task of transporting adult beverages.

Having used one over the weekend (the challenges of reviewing new gear never seem to end), I can assure you that this is the best growler currently available. Highly recommended.

Available online at MEC and REI.

Check out more products at Innate’s website.
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