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Metolius Campus Rungs – Supercharge your climbing with this classic training tool.
While some climbers are just now embracing climbing-specific training, it’s worth noting that companies like Metolius have been producing training products for climbers since the 80s.

Older climbers will remember the original Metolius climbing holds as well as the original Metolius Simulator hangboard (who can forget the infamous “claw” grip). And while plastic holds and hangboards tend to get the majority of focus from most climbers (hey, they are pretty flashy), Metolius was also the first North American company to commercially produce wooden campus rungs.
Metolius Campus Rungs

Metolius Campus Rungs

Campussing was popularized by the legendary Wolfgang Gullich who used it as part of his training prior to climbing the iconic route Action Direct 5.14d, in 1991. By moving footlessly up a series of small wooden runs, Gullich developed the very specific finger strength he needed for the route. Today, campussing is still considered an exceptionally effective way of training dynamic finger strength and no one offers better campus rungs than Metolius. Made from a skin-friendly fine-grain wood and available in three sizes (with an incut and flat side), Metolius Campus rungs are considered the standard for this type of training.

Obviously advanced climbers can move up the rungs footlessly, but even less experienced climbers can reap some of the campus board’s benefits by planting their feet on holds and moving up and down the rungs in a more controlled fashion. This is also a great way to warm up in a very controlled manner prior to a difficult bouldering session.

Admittedly, they may not be as flashy as many currently in vogue plastic holds, but the Metolius Campus rungs have a proven record of success that is hard to ignore. They are a must-have for any serious home training facility or commercial climbing gym.
You can find out more about the new Metolius Campus Rungs and other Metolius products at www.metoliusclimbing.com.
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