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Outdoor Research Extrovert Gloves - A must-have for any winter climber.
One of the easiest ways of making sure you enjoy the winter climbing season is by having the right pair of gloves. In bitterly cold conditions or during epic belays this usually means having a bulky pair of gloves or mitts that sacrifice some dexterity for digit-saving warmth. In milder temps or when attempting to redpoint that double-digit M-grade project (so you can hash-tag spam your friends about it on your Instasham feed) you might choose a pair of ultra-lightweight gloves that allow for maximum feel and effortless clipping. Which brings us to those middle ground conditions where you still need gloves that are warm, yet also offer enough dexterity and durability for rapping, clipping gear and climbing almost bleeding-edge mixed routes. For these ubiquitous conditions consider Outdoor Research’s recently updated Extrovert Gloves.
Outdoor Research Extrovert Gloves

Outdoor Research Extrovert Gloves

Built with a lightweight wool-blend liner, the Extrovert gloves, like many gloves in this category, provide sufficient warmth for climbing in cool temps without being too warm during more heat-generating activities - like slogging uphill. However, where the Extroverts really distinguish themselves is in dexterity and feel. These have to be one of the most precise light-to-mid-weight gloves that I have ever used (more on this later). By using a wind and water resistant stretch fabric on the back and combining it with a highly curved and contoured palm and finger construction, Outdoor Research achieves a close yet unrestrictive fit that allows for almost effortless biner clipping and rope management. I suspect the addition of supple leather in the palm and fingers only further encourages this precision and easy handling.

As well as clipping biners, using cams and feeding rope, I’ll often test gloves by subjecting them to my highly unscientific Zippo lighter test. The test involves opening and lighting a slick Zippo lighter - after all, who knows when you might have to smoke a fine cigar or enjoy a bowl of full-bodied English pipe tobacco. And while this is not a binary pass/fail test, it does offer some more insight into the gloves’ overall dexterity. After subjecting the Extroverts to this test, I’m happy to say that they not only passed with flying colours (I’m currently enjoying a bowl of G.L. Pease Gaslight as I write this review), but they truly are one of the most versatile, sensitive and precise gloves that I’ve used in a long time.

Add them to your current climbing (or any other winter activity) glove quiver and you won’t be disappointed. My new faves.
Outdoor Research Extrovert Gloves

Preparing to relax with the Outdoor Research Extrovert Gloves after successfully completing the Zippo lighter test.

You can find out more about the new Outdoor Research Extrovert Glove and other Outdoor Research products at http://www.outdoorresearch.com.
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