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Boulderz Climbing Centre Is Expanding

Boulderz Climbing Centre’s Etobicoke location is already one of Southern Ontario’s larger climbing gyms, so we were surprised to hear that the facility was expanding. We caught up with Andrew McBurney, the owner of Boulderz Climbing Centre, and asked him a few questions about the expansion, the size of the new walls and the estimated completion of the project.
Boulderz Climbing Centre
You already have two of the most popular and successful climbing gyms in the GTHA and the Etobicoke Boulderz gym is still relatively new. So what’s up with the expansion at that location?
Boulderz Climbing Centre: From the start we knew we would build this gym in phases and this is just the next stage. As soon as we’re ready we’ll move forward with the next phases. We’re just getting started. The vision for this gym goes far beyond what is already built.
Can you tell us a bit about the new walls and in particular the angles, heights and lengths?
Boulderz Climbing Centre: The first wall consists of a the two-level bouldering wall. The bottom level is 131' long and 14’ high, while the upper “traverse” wall is 120' long and 9’ high.

The real-rock pillar is a feature we’re pretty excited about. It will allow us to add 12 new roped climbing stations and we intend to pretty much plaster it with auto belays. A section of this rock will have natural holds for a real-rock feel.

Overall this brings us up to 25,000 square feet of climbing surface.
Boulderz Climbing Centre

The new two-level bouldering wall at Boulderz Climbing Centre.

Who’s building the walls?
Boulderz Climbing Centre: Walltopia.
I assume you’ll stay open during the construction of the new walls. How are you planning on managing any disruption to the existing space?
Boulderz Climbing Centre: The areas under construction will be tarped off and we might have to close one small section of climbing (hoping to avoid this). It will be pretty noisy while the walls are being built, but these guys work so fast that it will be over before you know it.

The location of Boulderz Climbing Centre in Etobicoke.

When can we expect the project to be completed?
Boulderz Climbing Centre: The space should be ready by end of March 2017.
Are you planning any grand opening event when the construction is finished?
Boulderz Climbing Centre: We’ll have to do some kind of unveiling, although I’m sure everyone will be peeking through the tarp throughout the construction!
Boulderz Climbing Centre

The new real-rock pillar at Boulderz Climbing Centre.

More details about Boulderz Climbing Centre including operating hours and pricing are available at http://www.boulderzclimbing.com/
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