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Four New Climbing Gyms Opening in Southern Ontario in Late 2016/Early 2017

In what some describe as a possible market-saturating addition to the local indoor climbing scene, Southern Ontario will have four new climbing gyms opening in the Mississauga/Brampton region.
Four New Climbing Gyms In Southern Ontario

Four New Climbing Gyms Opening in Southern Ontario

The ball got rolling earlier this year when Luigi Montilla of Friction teamed up with Jean-Marc de la Plante of Allez Up Climbing and announced that they would open an 11,000 square foot facility called Up the Bloc. (In-depth interview coming soon.)

Up the Bloc, 1224 Dundas St E #28, Mississauga, ON L4Y 2C5

The good folks at Toprock Climbing followed this news by announcing that they were opening a new climbing gym in Brampton. Ontario-based climbing wall specialists Rockwerx Canada Inc, who have also constructed the recently opened Aspire Climbing gym in Milton, will be building the Toprock Climbing facility.

Toprock Climbing Location (The exact gym location has not yet been confirmed.)

Not content with having two climbing gyms approximately 25 minutes apart, Cave Rock Climbing are scheduled to open their new facility this November. Touted as “North Mississauga's First Bouldering-Only Rock Climbing Gym,” Cave Rock Climbing will also offer yoga and Muay Thai training courses.

Cave Rock Climbing, 5-1705 Argentia Rd, Mississauga ON L5N3A9

Finally, Steve Brown from Hub Climbing in Markham has confirmed that the rumours of a second Mississauga location are “all true!”
With these new gyms, there will now be 20 climbing facilities all within a 100km radius of Sneaky Dee's, a bar that is widely acknowledged as the historical epicentre of the Ontario climbing community. If this area is increased to include the entire province, the number of climbing gyms in Ontario jumps to 30.
Over 20 Climbing Gyms Within a 100km Radius of Toronto
And if these openings were not enough, there are now new rumours that in 2017 the venerable gym brand Boulderz is planning a massive expansion into Mississauga with three new flagship gyms, each bigger than the last and taller than the rest. For this project they have teamed up with Chris Sharma, Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump. Sources report that the gyms will be built ahead of schedule and under budget and just be "so cool, man."
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