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New Arc’Teryx Innovations for 2016
Over the years, Arc’Teryx has been responsible for numerous product and clothing innovations for climbers and skiers.

Arc'teryx Procline Boot and Voltair Avalanche Airbag Pack

For fall 2016 the Vancouver-based company will introduce a new hybrid ski boot that combines the walkability and flex of a traditional alpine climbing boot with the support and control of modern ski boots. The Procline Boot achieves these typically conflicting features by using a patented carbon fibre upper cuff. The new cuff, when unlocked, allows for incredible fore and aft movement as well as a surprising amount of lateral flex. When the cuff is switched into ski mode, the Procline provides the power and precision required on challenging ski descents. This versatility frees ski alpinists from having to carry two sets of boots or having to choose between climbing and skiing performance.

The second mountain-oriented Arc’Teryx innovation is the new Voltair Avalanche Airbag Pack. Available in a 20 L and 30 L size, the Voltaire uses a 22.2v lithium polymer rechargeable battery that powers a strong custom-made blower unit. The blower is capable of quickly inflating the airbag, and thanks to the battery’s high capacity, skiers and riders can deploy the Voltaire multiple times before the battery requires recharging. This last point is worth noting as it encourages the user to practice deploying the Voltaire so that the action becomes almost automatic and instinctive. The pack itself displays the typical high-quality Arc’Teryx construction, and the whole unit is made in Arc’Teryx’s Canadian manufacturing facility.
You can check out more innovative gear at Arc'teryx's website or in person at one of their numerous boutique stores including the new Arc'teryx shop in downtown Toronto.
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