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Ontario Climbing: Vol 2 The Northern Escarpment Is Now Available

The release of Ontario Climbing: Vol 2 The Northern Escarpment completes this two-book series and offers Ontario climbers the first comprehensive climbing guide to the Niagara Escarpment in over 25 years.
Ontario Climbing: Vol 2 The Northern Escarpment provides accurate and up-to-date route information for over 1200 routes at crags starting in the Beaver Valley area and continuing all the way up to the top of the Bruce Peninsula.
Ontario Climbing: Vol 2 The Northern Escarpment

Ontario Climbing: Vol 2 The Northern Escarpment

Like the first book (Vol1), this guide is extensively researched and provides vibrant and entertaining history and insight to the area and the characters that helped create the climbing that many of us enjoy today. The book is more than a simple list of route names and grades, but rather a celebration of the accomplishments of past and present climbers.
Ontario Climbing: Vol 2 The Northern Escarpment

Ontario Climbing: Vol 2 The Northern Escarpment

Vol 2 (just like Vol 1) has received the Ontario Access Coalition’s (OAC) stamp-of-approval which recognizes that the book “is aligned with the OAC’s Mission Statement and Code of Ethics” and was “created in collaboration with appropriate land managers/owners.”
Ontario Climbing: Volume 2, The Northern Escarpment. In addition to being a valuable resource for locating crags and climbs, Volume 2 fosters an appreciation for the history of climbing on the Northern Escarpment; highlights how lucky we are to enjoy such beautiful, natural places; and emphasizes respecting everyone’s outdoor experience — all aligned with the OAC’s goals.
OAC Board
Ontario Climbing: Vol 1 and Vol 2

Ontario Climbing: Vol 1 and Vol 2

About the Authors

Gus Alexandropolous is a freelance writer based out of Hamilton. He has been a prominent member of the Southern Ontario climbing community for 30 years. While he established numerous first ascents over the decades, his real claim to fame came in the early 2000s when he discovered and almost single-handedly developed The Swamp and its almost 150 moderate sport routes. Gus has been a career climber for most of his life including stints as the editor at Gripped, Canada’s national climbing magazine as well as holding senior positions at a number of Canadian and international climbing companies.

Justin Dwyer is an ACMG certified climbing gym instructor and apprentice rock guide. He has been climbing and documenting routes on the Niagara Escarpment for 15 years. He takes an obsessively detailed-orientated approach to guidebook reading and collecting. Over the years, he was given the prestigious title of Captain Nemo by prolific Ontario guidebook author David Smart due to the fact Justin has climbed over 65% of the 300+ routes at that cliff. But really, his level of completionism extends far beyond to almost every crag. He is the undisputed master of the Escarpment’s weird, esoteric and obscure.
Ontario Climbing: Vol 1 and Vol 2 are available at MEC as wells as numerous local climbing gyms and outdoor retailers in the GTA and surrounding region.
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Gus Alexandropoulos is a freelance writer who has been involved in the outdoor industry for over 35 years. During his career he has been the editor at Canada’s national climbing magazine, as well as the gear editor for a national cycling magazine, triathlon magazine and running magazine. His work has been published in Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, and he has been a guest on television and radio broadcasts. His passion for climbing began in Ontario in the mid-80s and he continues to travel extensively in search of crisp conditions and steep rock.