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Old Baldy Parking and Trail Closure Overturned

The Ontario Access Coalition (OAC) in conjunction with the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority (GSCA) have some positive news in regards to the recent closure of the traditional cliff top parking area and entry point to Old Baldy.
Old Baldy

Old Baldy Climbing Area

Earlier this year, a landowner near the parking area initiated the closure after becoming frustrated with the large number of cars spilling from the parking lot onto the road.

A recent post on the OAC website states that, “The parking area itself is on GSCA land while the access trail is located on an easement (right of way) and does not trespass on private land.”

This means that climbers can continue to use the traditional cliff top parking area and entry point to Old Baldy.
Old Baldy Parking

The original parking area is visible at the centre bottom of the picture. Do NOT park on the Old Baldy Access road.

In the same post, the OAC stresses that climbers will need to adhere to the following rules to prevent any further access issues:

  • Park in the Conservation Area parking lot.
  • Do NOT park on the laneway leading to the parking lot entrance.
  • Do not leave the trail between the parking lot and Old Baldy.
  • Be on best behaviour.
  • Be stewards of the area.
  • Maintain good relations with all landowners and direct them to the Grey Suable Conservation Authority if asked any questions.

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