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The Turtle – Ontario's New Moderate Sport Crag

Updated Oct 1, 2018: The Turtle is closed due to excessive noise. The cliff is on private land and the owner has been incredibly generous by allowing folks to literally climb in his backyard. Unfortunately, the noise levels at the cliff have reached the point where the landowner is no longer comfortable with climbers visiting the cliff. We spent a lot of personal time and money developing the crag and it was an interesting experiment in terms of climbing access on private property. I genuinely wish that things would have worked out differently. We are currently working with the Ontario Access Coalition to address the landowner's legitimate concerns. 
The base of The Turtle is on private property and the landowner resides approximately 100m downhill from the cliff.

Our continued access to this crag is dependent on climbers exhibiting exceptional behaviour when visiting the area.

Don’t be the person responsible for getting this crag closed.
(Here are some tips to ensure The Turtle stays open.)
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