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Toprock Climbing – Now Open for Business!

Toprock Climbing is based in Brampton and is one of a number of new climbing facilities opening in Southern Ontario in spring 2017. We caught up with owners Trevor Davis and Kevin Allen and discussed the gym's Grand Opening Party this Saturday, April 8th from 12-9 PM, their typical workweek when they were building the gym and what they would have done differently if they could do it again.
Toprock Climbing Gym
How does it feel to finally open the doors to the public?
Toprock Climbing: Opening Toprock has come with feelings of pride, excitement and relief. Getting Toprock open took months of hard work and determination and it’s great to see it all come together.
Now that the gym is completed, what would you say was the most challenging part of the project?
Toprock Climbing: Coordinating all of the construction was a definite challenge. Acting as the project manager and doing much of the construction ourselves added new challenges that we needed to overcome. Specifically, there were a lot of dirty jobs, including jackhammering and drywalling, that I hope to avoid for as long as possible!

The location of The Toprock Climbing in Brampton.

Describe the typical workweek when you were building the gym.
Toprock Climbing: A typical workweek these past three months has been waking up at 6 AM, having coffee, working for the next 14 hours straight, and then going home. Some time during the day, we would also find time to answer emails from all of the excited Bramptonians eager to get climbing!
What wall or feature are you most excited about in the gym?
Toprock Climbing: Both of us are most excited about our cave wall. It is a 65-degree face that extends for 15 feet of continuous overhang. The forearm pump is serious on this thing!
Toprock Climbing Gym

Some of the cool walls at Toprock Climbing Gym

Ok, a bit of a mundane question, but I think readers will be interested in the answer. What are your operating hours and rates?
Toprock Climbing: We are open 11 AM to 11 PM from Monday through Friday and from 9 AM to 9 PM on Saturday and Sunday. A day pass is $20, and for students, it’s $17. All prices include tax. Right now you can get a monthly membership for just $45!
What sort of climbing/non-climbing programs are available at the gym?
Toprock Climbing: On Monday evenings we will be running a free climbing technique class for our members. This class focuses on the fundamentals of climbing including proper movement, footwork, injury prevention, warming up and cooling down. Wednesdays we’re offering a free strength training class for our members. At Toprock our focus is to help our members improve their skills and reach their climbing potential.
Kevin Allen working the desk at Toprock Climbing Gym

Kevin Allen working the desk at Toprock Climbing Gym

If you could do it again, what would you do differently?
Toprock Climbing: We would’ve opened Toprock sooner!
Is there anyone that’s been particularly instrumental in helping you open Toprock Climbing?
Toprock Climbing: We have received a tremendous amount of help and support from friends, family, climbing gyms and local Brampton businesses. There are too many people to name here, but I will say that the team over at Rockwerx were instrumental in turning our climbing wall ideas into a reality.
Toprock Climbing Gym

Checking out the problems at Toprock Climbing Gym

With the gym now open, are you planning any climbing trips?
Toprock Climbing: I’m hopeful I can get my hands on some Ontario rock once or twice this season. Kevin and I have also set a goal to go on a bigger trip within the next couple years. The Rocklands or Patagonia seem to be calling.
Toprock Climbing Gym

Trevor Davis and Kevin Allen of Toprock Climbing Gym

Finally, I hear there’s going to be an opening party. Care to share some details? Will there be prizes? Food? Drinks? Music?
Toprock Climbing: Yes! We’re officially open and to celebrate we’re having our Grand Opening Party this Saturday, April 8th from 12-9 PM. We’ll have local Brampton food to sample, (j)oga clinics and personal health assessments. MadRock will be here for people to demo their shoes as well as our friends at AlphaBeta Climbwear. There will be face painting for kids and a food truck serving up grilled cheese and peameal bacon on a bun! We’ll have lots of prizes for everyone!
More details about Toprock Climbing are available at http://toprockclimbing.ca/
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