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Lion’s Head Controversy Continues

Climbers are reporting that the fixed lines protecting the Stinger Gulley descent have been removed. The Stinger Gulley is the only easy descent to the base of Lion’s Head and involves some tricky easy fifth class climbing.
  •  Lion’s Head Controversy Continues

    Climbing at Lion's Head. Photo: Mike Penny

The removal of the fixed ropes comes weeks after an unknown individual stripped the hangers off of several moderate routes at the Latvian Ledge area. The selective hanger removal (only easy routes were stripped) had some climbers speculating that it was done to prevent new climbers from frequenting the area. The removal of the fixed ropes that are primarily used by climbers accessing the moderate routes at that section of the cliff has reignited claims that someone is attempting to prevent new climbers from visiting the area.

Supporters of restricting the number of climbers visiting Lion’s Head point out that the area has numerous complex access issues. While most climbers agree that access to Lion’s Head is tenuous, they disagree with the unilateral actions being taken to prevent newer climbers from visiting the cliff.
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