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Maximum Savings On Maxim Ropes

Maple Leaf Ropes today announced a flash sale on five different Maxim ropes.
  •  Maximum Savings On Maxim Ropes

    Maximum Savings On Maxim Ropes

The sale will continue until June 30th and includes the following rope models:

  1. Maxim Apex Yellow 2X DRY 9.9mm x 70m $157.21
  2. Maxim Glider Moss 2X DRY 9.9mm x 60m $175.48
  3. Maxim Glider Silver 2X DRY 10.2mm x 70m $219.95
  4. Maxim Equinox Green/Olive/White 10.2mm x 60m $99.95
  5. Maxim Charity Series Dana Faber Blue/Gray 9.9mm x 70 & 80m $203.13 - $229.92

Maple Leaf Ropes is Canada’s largest Maxim Ropes distributor and offers very competitive pricing on Maxim products.

“I can tell you with absolute certainty that nobody in Canada will beat us on pricing,” said Jason Paleczny, the global sales manager for Maple Leaf Ropes.

The flash sale coincides with travel and climbing restrictions being lifted in many regions of Ontario, making this an excellent opportunity for climbers to pick up a new rope for the upcoming season.
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