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Psicobloc Gear Shop – Dedicated To Delivering Hard-To-Find Climbing Gear From Around The World

Psicobloc Gear Shop is a new Canadian online retailer committed to bringing unique and hard-to-find brands and products to the North American climbing market.
  •  Psicobloc Gear Shop

    Psicobloc Gear Shop

The shop is the brainchild of Ulric Rousseau, who is also the man behind the successful The North Face Psicobloc Open Series.

"The idea to open Psicobloc Gear Shop came to me when I was climbing in Europe. I kept seeing all these cool climbing brands and products and wondered why they were not available in North America."

It was at that point that Rousseau decided to create Psicobloc Gear Shop.

"I wanted to offer climbers the same unique products that I was using during my trips, and Psicobloc Gear Shop was the perfect way to achieve that goal."
  •  Lattice Triple Rung Hangboard

    Lattice Triple Rung Hangboard

  •  Ocun Nitro Climbing Shoes

    Ocun Nitro Climbing Shoes

  •  Ocun Pantera Pants

    Ocun Pantera Pants

  •  Woreczek Chalkbag

    Woreczek Chalkbag

  •  Rustam Bombita Hangboard

    Rustam Bombita Hangboard

  •  Manox Starter Pack

    Manox Starter Pack

  •  Moon Climbing Jura Pants

    Moon Climbing Jura Pants

  •  Rustam Ultimate Hangboard

    Rustam Ultimate Hangboard

  •  Moon Climbing Deadhanging Rung Hangboard

    Moon Climbing Deadhanging Rung Hangboard

Rousseau stresses that the products in the shop are used and approved by him and the other Psicobloc Gear Shop employees. "It's how we came up with our motto: If we don't use it, we don't sell it," says Rousseau.

Psicobloc Gear Shop is also stocking a number of non-climbing specific Van Life products.

"Climbing and travelling go hand-in-hand," says Rousseau. "Our Van Life products are chosen to help make living on the road a little easier and a lot more pleasant." 
You can find out more about Psicobloc Gear Shop and its unique product selection www.psicoblocshop.com.

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